Drinking Water and your Health

Our bodies consist of 60% water and the recommended glasses of water per day is eight. This universal recommendation helps maintain your body in a hydrated state. The underlying rationale for this pattern of water consumption throughout the day stems from a number of benefits from pure drinking water.

Benefits of Drinking Adequate Pure Water

First, water helps maximize physical performance when undergoing an intense exercise regimen or during hot weather conditions. Losing water in the form of sweat leads to an alteration in the body temperature which may increase stress and fatigue levels, especially oxidative stress. Staying properly hydrated ensures that the body is able to function in the best way and energy levels are optimal.

Sometimes, certain conditions including hangovers, headache, and constipation may be the result of inadequate quantity of water in the form of daily fluid intake. Adequate water consumption also serves as the best form of detoxification for the human system and helps cleanse the urinary system and prevent the formation of kidney stones. Furthermore, water serves as an excellent mechanism for natural weight loss.

Why it is Important to Prevent Over-Hydration

However, it must be noted that over-hydration may also lead to adverse effects for the human system. The primary effect that results form over-hydration is water intoxication. This condition occurs when the electrolytes present in the body become too diluted as a result of increased quantity of water. When sodium levels are lower than normal, a condition known as hyponatremia results. In the case of over-hydration, either an increased intake of water or water retention may be the underlying cause.

Fluid build-up inside the body renders the kidneys in a state of being unable to remove fluid. In this state, your body may be susceptible to more serious conditions such as liver and kidney trouble, uncontrollable diabetes, and congestive heart failure. Consuming an optimal quantity of water, preferably from a high quality mineral water source is essential for the preservation of good health.

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