The Human Body and Hydration

The human body requires water to accomplish its life sustaining functions. Cells, tissues, and organs need water to perform important processes such as maintaining optimal body temperature, lubricating joints, removing waste, and maintaining a state of overall well-being. About six or eight glasses of eight ounce each are required by a typical adult person to cater to his or her hydration requirements. Water is especially important before and after workouts. Maintaining a schedule for water consumption throughout the day is important to maintain optimal hydration levels.

Symptoms of Inadequate Hydration

Inadequate hydration may result in a number of adverse conditions including fatigue, extreme thirst, inadequate urine, dry mouth,  confusion, headache, sleepiness,  light headedness, and dizziness. You are especially at risk of developing these conditions when involved in an exercise regimen or when trying to lose weight. Dehydration may also occur more frequently in sick people and breastfeeding women.  Symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting are frequently associated with dehydration.

Risk Factors for Dehydration

In older adults, the brain may be unable to convey the right signals, making them more susceptible to getting dehydrated. Certain environmental conditions such as hot weather may also put you at a higher risk of getting dehydrated. It is important to ensure that you consume high quality water to keep yourself safe from dehydration. Branded and reputable water brands are promising in terms of providing high quality water for consumption.

Prominent Mineral Water Brands in India

The choice of a good brand of mineral water is important for maintaining a state of good health. Pure drinking water is essential to protect against a wide variety of health conditions besides ensuring that you stay hydrated. Here is a list of mineral water brands in India.





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