Mineral water distributorship requires proper planning and partnership with packaged drinking water plants. Supplying mineral water can be a profitable business given the awareness regarding water-borne diseases and the growth rate of the packaged drinking water industry. Setting up a distributorship business for packaged drinking water requires thorough knowledge of the drinking water plants which are regional as well as national. The main factors to be considered before starting business as a supplier include adequate research about the water quality, estimated cost about the distributorship business, and the nature of marketing and distribution support offered by the packaged water company to its suppliers.

Core Factors to Consider as a Mineral Water Distributor

Once you have selected one or more packaged water businesses to partner with, the next step is to complete documentation formalities and financial requirements mandatory for completing a partnership agreement. Further to this, it isĀ  important to make relevant arrangements to stock water bottles intended for future delivery.

Distributors generally prefer to sell either cartons of one liter bottles or 20 liter bottles. Subsequent to selecting the right mineral water bottles for distributorship, logistics must be planned for prospective customers. Finally, leads must be generated and a delivery schedule must be planned for customers. Suppliers must ensure the highest moral standards in their business dealings and are required to comply with any specific rules and regulations demanded by the packaged water company.

Popular Mineral Water Brands for Potential Partnerships

Follow the links below for information on starting a franchise business with popular mineral water brands.

Bisleri: https://www.bisleri.com/contact-us/

Kinley: https://www.coca-colaindia.com/kinley-water-brand

Aquafina: http://www.pepsicoindia.co.in/brands/aquafina.html

Bailey: http://www.parleagro.com/bailey.html

Tata Water Plus: http://www.tataglobalbeverages.com/brands/water/tata-water-plus

Himalayan: http://www.tataglobalbeverages.com/brands/water/himalayan

If you are already a mineral water distribution, you can enlist your business by clicking the link below.

Enlist your mineral water business now.

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