Mineral Water Purification Process

Water purification is a series of steps, executed to meet the standard of quality assurance . Initially, the water is inspected and filtered through a layer of activated carbon. Next, the water is passed through a pre-treatment stage and demineralization phase after which it is stored and monitored. Subsequently, the water is remineralized and the water undergoes a micro-filtration process. Next, the water passes through a series of disinfection phases such as disinfection through ultraviolet light and ozone. Finally, the water is bottled and packaged as per industry standards.

Core Functions Involved in the Purification Process

Setting up a bottled water plant requires considerable resources such as machinery for the manufacture, purification, bottling, and labeling of mineral water. The functions that a water purification plant must perform are enlisted below.

  • Raw water is first stored in a storage tank
  • The raw water feeds into the pre-treatment stage with the help of a transfer pump
  • The removal of turbidity and suspended materials in raw water is enabled by the sand filter which works by exerting vertical pressure
  • Next, color and odor are removed from the water through the use of an activated carbon filter
  • Anti-scalant chemical dosing is applied to the water to prevent precipitation in the membrane. The anti-scalant chemical dosing helps in the enhancement of life of the RO membranes
  • Further filtration in any type of water conditions is carried out by micron cartridge filters which contain corrosion-proof housing
  • A motor, in conjunction with a high-pressure pump performs reverse osmosis through an increase in pressure, which isĀ  performed by multi-stage centrifugation
  • A desalination reverse osmosis system is designed for the removal of dissolved solids at a rejection rate of 90% – 97%
  • The final treatment process is the pH chemical dosing process which serves as the final treatment process for obtaining an optimal pH value
  • Microorganisms are removed through the use of an ozonator
  • Subsequent to the purification steps outlined above, water is stored in a stainless steel tank
  • Water packaging takes place at the filling section where it is packed in pet bottles under hygienic conditions

  • Quality inspection is one the final steps during the water purification process which includes a number of quality control procedures such as white light inspection
  • The bottles are finally bulk packaged in cartons or approved packaging containers through a relevant process for dispatch to the market

The steps outlined above indicate only a brief description of the technicalities involved in the overall purification process.

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